Picture Framing

Picture Framing is an important extension of the art. Anything can look great in well-designed framing. Common framing projects include:

  • Lithographs, Prints, Posters – Paper Art

  • Children’s “Refrigerator” Art

  • Oil Paintings

  • Collections – Life Story Memorabilia

  • Awards, Certificates, Licenses and Diplomas

  • Sentimental Items, Treasured Pieces, Gifts

  • Family Photos – Individual or Create a Gallery Wall

  • Mirrors

With over 30 years of experience in the custom picture framing business, we have the experience to treat each piece of art with the care it deserves. Joe Hodulik, CPF (Certified Picture Framer) was awarded this title from the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association) recognizing his knowledge of industry-wide standards.


This is a unique look – done directly into the matting or frame. Use in lieu of an engraved nameplate. Detail and graphics are achievable that can NOT be obtained using a CMC (Computerized Mat Cutter). Photos, artwork, logos, etc. can be engraved at a nominal cost.

Great for:

  • Dates-of-Service recognition

  • Personalize photos with greetings and salutations

  • Document a memorable photo/event

  • Enhance with ornamental designs and cutout details


  • If the engraving is to be placed into a mat window opening, provide us with the measurements and we will scale it to fit.

  • Overall size needs to be less than 13 x 24”.

  • Liability is held to the engraving only on customer supplied materials.

  • All text must be provided in printed format, hand-written is not acceptable. Spelling and Upper/Lower case will be followed exactly as proofed.

Please contact us to discuss your projects.


Engraved Matting

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