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ART RESTORATION Estimates will NOT be given over the phone or internet without a first-hand review of the artwork. On-site inspections can be arranged.


This is a process that will either minimize or completely remove organic stains from most paper products and fabrics. Stains like: acid burn, food & beverage stains, foxing, mold/mildew stains can all be treated, but can have varying degrees of success depending on factors unique to your item.

  • Most of the staining can be removed, but factors that greatly influence the degree of success include:

  • The period of time the stain has set.

  • The temperature, humidity and sunlight that the stain has been exposed to.

  • The depth of impregnation into the artwork.

  • The physical makeup of the artwork, including: Age, Color, Material and Degree of Difficulty.

  • Whether there is any hand-coloring to the piece. Original watercolors may NOT be a good candidate for this process.

  • Most mold stains are removable. Long term mold stains that have been “deeply absorbed” into the piece may not be 100% removable without causing additional significant damage.


Logos need to be in Black & White (No color and NO grayscale) Vector File format. When in doubt, simply e-mail us your logo as-is for a free evaluation of whether it is in a useable format, or if it will need any cleanup. Our logo library contains thousands of ready-to-use corporate logos.

Unacceptable logos in Microsoft Word, Zip Files & Adobe Files

If the logo file submitted is not useable as-is, we will be notify you via email of the cost to convert it to a useable format. A SOURCE of PRIDE presumes that by sending us a logo, you are authorizing us to reproduce it as requested and that you have full authority to authorize such use.

We are able to work with a variety of materials not shown on out website. Clients may submit their own materials, assuming that it is safe to put and fit into our laser system. Submitted materials, artwork or logos will be returned only if requested.


This process of “ACID BURN REMOVAL” also works to remove other organic elements such as FOXING, FOOD STAINS, WATER STAINS and even a spilled cup of COFFEE! Most paper products and fabrics can be cleaned including prints, lithography, and serigraph works on paper-based art.

Items excluded include: photographs, (some) original water color paintings and certain antique engravings – the ones that are originally printed onto an onion skin paper, which in turn is pasted onto a heavier stock.

Art owners should carry their own insurance rider to assume all liabilities to cover any accidental damage. Testing is done prior to any work for possible trouble and if any potential damage is suspected, the item will be returned at no charge. BURNING and FOXING can reappear under the right conditions. If this should happen within a reasonable time (less than 6 months) of first application, it can and should be re-treated.


We work together with some of the best artisans and restorers in the field of painting restoration. The most common problems that can be repaired are extensive and include:

  • tears, cuts and holes in the canvas

  • missing paint and cracking paint (allegation) from age and the natural drying process

  • dirt & debris from the years of exposure to the elements, tobacco smoke & coal/wood burning fireplace/heating unit exhausts

  • smoke, soot & heat from fires

  • water damage from fire sprinklers, fire hoses and floods

  • sagging canvas, loose fitting strainer bars

Most projects can be completed within 2-8 weeks.




How do I know if my painting needs to be cleaned?
If your painting is dull-looking, been exposed to a significant tobacco smoking, is older than 30+ years, or if it has been exposed to a dirty environment – it probably could use a professional cleaning.

Can my painting be damaged in the cleaning process?
Not likely with the artists we use. Cleaning can remove previous restoration and highlight necessary repairs that were not obvious when first viewed. If this situation comes to light, you will be contacted and advised as such and given the choice to proceed or not. Additional work performed beyond the initial estimate will be done on an as-agreed basis.

What will it look like when finished?
The work result is as good as any museum standard. We stand behind the work completed and expect that the end result will be impressive and professionally completed. Paintings will look different (better) when finished. Remember you are paying for the removal of years of accumulated dirt. The original painting is revealed in its original painted state. There are often pleasant surprises to enjoy once the dirt is removed.

How long is the cleaning good for?
If cared for properly, it should not have to be cleaned for another 30-50 years (more or less).

What agent is used in the cleaning?
Only professional products and techniques are used. Over-the-counter cleaning products available at art supply stores for the Do-It-Yourselfers are available for purchase, but what you receive with us is years of experience and the “trade secrets” that have been developed to address a multitude of painting issues. Products and techniques used in this process are not revealed.

Are you insured?
Yes, we carry insurance as required by law but it is no substitute for you to place a “rider” in your own insurance policy. If your art is has been professionally appraised, or if it is sentimentally priceless, it is advisable for it to be on a separate “rider” on your own policy so it is covered whether it is in your home or not. Do not rely on anyone one else’s insurance policy to cover a loss if an accident should happen. We limit our liability to the value of the cleaning of the painting ONLY. The value of your art can increase significantly when cleaned/restored, so you may want to consider having your art re-appraised when finished.

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