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This is a process that will either minimize or completely remove organic stains from most paper products and fabrics. Stains like: acid burn, food & beverage stains, foxing, mold/mildew stains can all be treated, but can have varying degrees of success depending on factors unique to your item.

Most of the staining can be removed, but factors that greatly influence the degree of success include:

  • The period of time the stain has set.

  • The temperature, humidity and sunlight that the stain has been exposed to.

  • The depth of impregnation into the substrate.

  • The makeup of the substrate, including color, material and the degree of difficulty to work with it.

  • Whether there is any hand-coloring to the piece. Anything with original watercolors is NOT a good candidate for this process.

  • Most mold stains are removable. Long term mold stains that have been “deeply absorbed” into the art may not be removable without causing additional significant damage.


Pricing is based on two main factors: 1) the size of the piece, & 2) the degree of difficulty.
The degree of difficulty is determined by a visual and/or test of the piece by our technician. If the project is deemed NOT to be difficult, the price will be based solely on the size of the artwork.

Please note that some stains are stubborn and can re-appear under the right conditions. If this happens, it will usually do so within the first few months after treatment. This is not an indication of a failure to do the job correctly in the first place, it is more a measure of how difficult it was to remove, and perhaps aggravated by unfavorable conditions the art may be stored in. If stain reappearance should happen to any piece that we originally treated, we will gladly clean it for a second time at no additional charge. Return shipping will be in the same fashion it was shipped to us – Return shipping will be covered by us on re-do orders.




We have some of the best artisans and restorers in the field of painting restoration. The most common problems that can be repaired are extensive and include:

  • Tears, cuts and holes in the canvas

  • Missing paint

  • Dirt & debris from the years of exposure to the elements, tobacco smoke & coal/wood burning fireplace/heating unit exhausts

  • Smoke, soot & heat from fire disasters

  • Water damage from fire sprinklers/hoses and floods

  • Paint cracking (allegation) from age and the paint & canvas naturally drying out

  • Sagging canvas, loose fitting strainer bars

  • Re-lining of canvas paintings


It is impossible to give an accurate estimate of repair costs without viewing the piece personally.


Depending on the extent of the restoration, please allow 4-8 weeks for completion.


How do I know if my painting needs to be cleaned?
If your painting is dull-looking, been exposed to a significant tobacco smoking, is older than 30+ years, or if it has been exposed to an unusually dirty environment – it probably could use a professional cleaning.

Can my painting be damaged in the cleaning process?
Not likely with the artists we use. Cleaning can remove bad restoration and highlight necessary repairs that were not obvious when first viewed. If this situation comes to light, you will be contacted and advised as such and given the choice to proceed or not. There will usually be an additional cost for necessary repairs discovered beyond the initial estimate.

What if I don’t like the outcome?
Your work is 1st class and guaranteed to impress. Paintings will look different when finished. Remember you are paying for the dirt and grime removal. The original painting is revealed in its original state of what the artist did. The work result is as good as any museum standard.

How long is the cleaning good for?
If cared for properly, it should not have to be cleaned for another 30 years (more or less).

What agent is used in the cleaning?
There are over-the-counter cleaning products available at art supply stores, but what you do not get with these products is the years of experience and the “trade secrets” that have been developed to address painting issues that are not obvious to the neophyte. Products and techniques used in this process are not revealed.

Are you insured?
 Yes, we carry insurance as required by law but it is no substitute for you to place a “rider” in your own insurance policy. If your art is has been appraised at a certain value, or if it is sentimentally priceless, it is advisable for it to be on a separate “rider” on your own policy so it is covered whether it is in your home or not. Do not rely on anyone one else’s insurance policy to cover a loss if an accident should happen. We limit our liability to the value of the cleaning of the painting ONLY. The value of your art can increase significantly when cleaned/restored, so you may want to consider having your art re-appraised when finished.

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